More damned email problems

Spent most of yesterday troubleshooting damn email problems. I had previously managed to wrestle with the problem of multi-part text/html emails, this time I had to refresh my memory and then try and get it to cope with foreign characters above ASCII 127, gems like é, ç, ü, ®, Â¥, and, god bless her satanic majesty, £. Emails are bloody weird things. Invented about 50 years ago when the Internet consisted of 3 pieces of toast strung up on some fishing line, developing for email means even more pitfalls than developing for Netscape, if you can imagine that.

Solved most of my problems by cutting all the text down to 76 characters per-line (which stops ASPMail from automatically changing the encoding) and whipping my minions into replacing the errant characters in the HTML version with the correct HTML elements (which I keep telling them they should do anyway, but you know what minions are like). Didn’t find a water-tight solution in the end – I did manually change the encoding of the text-part of the email to 8-bit, which I hope will do the trick. It broke in Groupwise, but then everything breaks in bloody Groupwise.

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