Sitting in Cromwell Hospital

Sitting waiting in the Cromwell Hospital today (today? yesterday? What the hell – what difference does a little midnight make?) I overheard a man with an Australian-sounding accent (turned out to be South African – oops) talking on his mobile phone. Started off with a fairly mundane sounding call, but then the next one launched into venom & anger. “I got your message. I’m bloody angry. You don’t understand how angry I am. I want to… do something to these fuckers, they are fucking me about…” etc. etc. It caught my attention – I wanted to know more – what was going on? From what I gathered, he had been involved in a fight (either the target of an attack, or trying to break up a fight, from what I gathered – “I’m the one who’s innocent here – I didn’t lay a finger on anyone”) and was now being threatened with prosecution (“and now they’re trying to pin the blame on me for the assult”). He was clearly pretty livid about the whole thing (“It’ll mean spending a fortune defending myself, when I shouldn’t have to defend myself. They’re the ones who should be defending themselves. I’ve a good mind not to defend myself, tell them they can fuck themselves”) and considering some extreme measures (“I feel like bunging a few Rand to some black guy from Brixton to go and teach them a lesson”), though what a black guy from Brixton would want with a few Rand, unless he was planning on emigrating, I don’t know.

Not a very pleasant vibe. Almost disturbed the circle of calm that had been following me around all day.

The doctor told me I had Sebhoraic (spelling?) Eczma on my head, which means that I’m allergic to some kinda yeast that naturally forms on skin, and Atopic Eczma on my body, which means that I’m allergic to something else, probably in my clothing. All I know is it itches, but it’s getting better. Personally, I think all illness is mental, and this one is more mental than most. I had been building up a pressure-cooker’s worth of stress over the last few months, and having had a chance to relax completely, it all came out all over my skin. All be gone soon though!

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