John Kenton’s Dad

Went to visit John & Sue last night, also met Sarah there. John told us about his father, showing us the many mugs commemorating trades union activities, the womens movement and the Spanish Civil War which he had made or commisioned. John told us of when his father worked somewhere (glue factory??) along with 30 women. One day, a woman came down to the shop floor in tears – it turns out the lift operator had been harassing her (and all the other women there), groping them in the lift. John’s father said “well, you know what to do?” – “No” – “Well, there are 30 of you” – “So what do we do?” – “Do I really need to spell it out???”

The lift operator was subsequently hospitalized – they had to get his testicles unglued somehow. Come February 14th, John’s dad got 30 valentines cards.

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