My Musical CV

I was asked to list my “musical history” yesterday, for a band website somebody’s planning on putting up. It was quite a fun exercise. Here are the bits of my life I can still remember:

  • Peyote Fly the Chillum Egg
    Played a few godawful Hawkwind covers gigs at friends parties. Frightened a lot of people away who had really wanted to come and enjoy a good party.
  • Light & Sound Department
    Played a few pubs in the West London area, including the Clarendon, Hammersmith, which was knocked down one week later in our honour (and to make way for an inane over-grown mouse with too few fingers). Used to support the Senseless Things and Los Bastados quite a lot.
  • Toxic Avengers
    Played at a couple of squat-gigs, including the bordering-on-the-Spinal-Tap “Hanger Henge” (a polystyrene stonehenge in somebody’s back garden on Hanger Lane) and “Henge Revenge” (the same polystyrene stonehenge transplanted to the living room of a squat opposite Kew Gardens). Sadly the following party in Kew “Subterranean Enterprise” (decked out like captain Kirk’s starship, complete with big armchair covered in TV bits & switches) was brought to an end by police before we got to play.
  • “Kevin’s Band” (well, we never had a name, but Kevin was our leader)
    Pretty proggy stuff, Kevin used to write some amazing little tunes but we never made it our of the rehearsal studios.
  • Vibronaughts
    After our first gig the headline on Bristol University’s student newspaper read “Riot Baker” – we had played at Hiatt Baker hall of residence and, err, started a riot. Future gigs (mainly at student venues, but also a couple of Bristol pubs) went in a similar vein – lots of Iggy & the Stooges & Motorhead covers, people spitting & throwing glasses(biology students throwing the left-overs of their day’s dissections), and promoters cutting off our power supply before we could cause too much real trouble.
  • The Adavasi
    Never a real band, just a vague name (invented by me for my own purposes and never really used by anyone else) for a loose bunch of us who used to meet up in lofts & garages and jam out pseudo-Ozric Tentacles psychedelic dub rock nonsense.
  • Tommy Jazz Quartet (actually, we never had a name, but that one will do)
    Erm, great musicians but we never seemed to do much aside from get stoned and practice in one anothers’ living rooms.
  • Gulch
    Played lots of parties & North London pubs.
  • Caustic
    Played lots of North London pubs (Bull & Gate, Hope & Anchor, Dublin Castle, Red Eye etc.) & released 6 tapes & 2 CDs
  • Cathy Ray
    Played the same places before & released 1 CD.
  • Bone Turtle
    “The Agency Band”, i.e. bunch of people from work playing covers. Rather fun gigs at the agency Christmas Party (Sound Republic, Leicester Square) and the Clapham Grand (in aid of the Red Cross)

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