Reading Gordon’s book

Inverting the theme this time: fall and rise. I finally got around to starting Gordon’s novel. It has been sitting on my hard disc for over a year now, and on an over-lazy train journey back to Sheffield I decided that reading it on screen would be preferable to writing another suite of web apps (hah! Like I ever do that!) I’ve only ever done that with one other full length book – Bruce Sterling’s Hacker Crackdown, and I have to say that DOS Edit with it’s white-on-blue text and easily-understandable scrollbars is a lot easier going than MS-Word with its black-on-white and random page-jumps. But, whatever. The book was (is) good. Fucking good. My god, he has that inner mental voice down perfectly. I love Gordon. You can always tell that all this stuff is going on inside him. But it’s not the kind of thing you can talk to him about. You can’t tell him how wonderful (and yet screwed up) he is, you just hope that he picks it up by osmosis over a number of sessions down the pub. You can’t really discuss shared experiences (unless properly drunk), everyone is obviously too fragile for that. You just hope that… a bit of admiration slips out once in a while, in amongst the endless piss-taking and devil-may-care-who-really-cares jive talking.

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