Armenian proverbs, stolen without shame

Armenian proverbs, stolen without shame from notsosoft because… well, because they’re wonderful (I’ve a feeling that numbers 6 and 18 at least are, ahem, somewhat fictitious):

  1. “It is better to carry stones with a wise man than eat pilaf with a fool”
  2. “You don’t water a camel with a spoon”
  3. “It is not he who has lived the longest, but he who has traveled the farthest, who knows the most”
  4. “If you do not know, it is not shameful, but if you do not know and say that you know, it is LIE”
  5. “Eat bad soup with a big spoon”
  6. “Never believe a woman who says she doesn’t want mayonnaise on her baguette”
  7. “The curtain reveals as much as it hides”
  8. “In attempting to fix the brow, let’s not damage the eye”
  9. “Clouds that thunder do not always rain”
  10. “He who speaks the truth must have one foot in the stirrup”
  11. “The serpent draws poison and the bee honey from the same flower”
  12. “You are as many a person as the languages you speak”
  13. “The kick of a quiet horse strikes strong”
  14. “May you grow old on one pillow”
  15. “Always tell the truth in the form of a joke”
  16. “Suffering was inflicted on rocks, but they could not stand it, so it was inflicted on man”
  17. “The wise horse cares not how fast a man may run”
  18. “Surprise is a better value in a sandwich environment than service”

And for added value, here’s another one that I found…

  1. “With bread all grief is less”

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