The bitter cold of winter

Well, this is it. Winter has started. Not that it’s snowing or anything – in fact, the sun is still shining brightly, and to anyone behind the window of a climate-controlled building like this one it would appear that nothing has changed. But step outside and you’ll realise that it’s light without heat, intense white stuff that burns nothing except the back of your retina.

Over the weekend I gradually noticed the creeping cold feeling worming its way into the air. Doesn’t seem like much at first, until you stop moving for too long, and realise that it’s chiselling its way towards your innards, refrigerating your flesh. And walking from the train this morning, the chill air slipped into my shirt through the gaps between my buttons, icing my chest with a message to “buy a vest”.

I’m getting worried for the winter. Already on Sunday I fired up the gas heater in our vast new living room – and it did create a zone of cosiness in the North-East corner. But I’m worried about the cost and viability of keeping such huge spaces warmed but not stifling throughout the huge space that is winter.

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