Scanning blogdex, trying to find

Scanning blogdex, trying to find some piece of non-WTC-terrorism-related and non-Nimda-virus-related stories, this cyborg cockroach grabbed my attention.

BTW, lots of wierd and wonderful blog thoughts recently, but they all come in the night-time and vanish by morning. And then are kept out all day by the prospect of lots of work. Ah well, soon….

And I met a man with (probably) the world’s only lobster theremin last night. Eerie. Hmmm… “lobster theremin”… it’s one of those bizarrely juxtaposed phrases that just demands to be fed into a search engine. And so I did. Nice chunks of text back from Google, like Pictures of My Theremin Rebels Slo-Pitch Team. Royal Order of the Laughing Cavalier Lobster. Most though, unsurprisingly, relate to 50s sci-fi movies where lobsters or lobster-men plan to take over the earth: the plot circles around the evil Lobster Man’s plans to steal Earth’s atmosphere and … imitation of a ‘50’s sci-fi Theremin and … channel, and most of the weird stuff (theremin score, laser effects) comes across with wide … can see a silhouette of a giant lobster at the edge of the screen … (the latter a review for the DVD edition of “Teenagers from Outer Space”).