Patch Adams and Kennth Kaunda

Sorry, it’s “let’s quote the Guardian day” today… good thing I don’t get to lie here doing this more often, or this page would be nothing more than a string of Guardian quotes. Anyway, I couldn’t pass up this one from the ever-witty Simon Hoggart:

Extraordinary people come here. Kenneth Kaunda, the former president of Zambia, is one of this year’s panellists. So is Patch Adams, the doctor who believes that happiness is an important part of any course of treatment (and yes, Robin Williams made a bad film about him, which is a fate none of us would wish to suffer.) Anyhow, Adams wears only clown suits, of which he has several.

On Monday I saw him at a party with Kaunda. After a chat, Adams carefully, even reverently, placed a red nose and a comedy frog hat on the former president’s head. It had a wonderful surreal quality – the kind of event that makes you wake up and say to your partner, “I just dreamed I saw Kenneth Kaunda in a red nose and a comedy frog hat.”

I’m also listening to last Tuesday’s Late Junction from BBC Radio3 – heard Phoebe Smith singing some of the most moving vocals I’ve ever heard, I’m off to Amazon to get that CD!

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  1. I heard Robin Williams’ new flick Man of the Year, isn’t doing so well at the box office. In any case, I am definately going to see this movie. I’ve loved Robin ever since I first saw him on Mork and Mindy.

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