My Type is Moveable!

You may notice something a little different about this page. Yes, I’ve moved to Moveable Type. It’s been a bit of a pain in the butt – getting the Perl installed on the server, exporting all 561 or my blog posts (yes, that’s how many I’ve posted between 15th February 2001 and now – good thing it wasn’t more than 999, as that’s the maximum Blogger will let you stick on one page), importing them all into Moveable Type (I had to syntax-check the 800k HTML file exported from Blogger first, and then try to find and fix all the nesting errors, and remove long strings of minuses, as MT uses them to delimit entries).

Moving will have screwed up all sorts of other things, no doubt. For starters, any existing comments will have been lost (but on the plus side, I automatically get to move to MT’s much better commenting system). More worryingly, any existing cross-links to blog items won’t work any more (I’m thinking of going in to fix all of these – but not right now). The template, you will have noticed, is the blog-standard (sic) MT one – I’ll update it to something a little funkier once I’ve got my motivation back. And… erm… I’m sure there were a couple more “and”s – but my brain is absolutely fried after 14-hours near-solid coding on this and my XML problem.

Other pluses – the tagging and scripting system for MT is hugely better than Blogger’s – I can actually do macros and stuff, and I’m really looking forward to trying out the MTAmazon plugin and posting some little pictoral Amazon links all over my blog – who knows, I might actually sell something off here (that would make it two sales in two years), I might even manage to save enough credits to buy that Edward Tufte book I’ve been wishing for these last few years. Now all I need is time…

4 thoughts on “My Type is Moveable!

  1. Heh heh heh… ho ho ho. You may have noticed that I added some templates. Whether this is a good or a bad thing is open to debate.

    Still lots more templates to add, lots more work to do. But it’s late. And I’ve been working since 4am. And I need to go to the toilet.

    You may also notice that the titles imported from Blogger are a little, errr, curious 🙂

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