Whoah! My meditation space just came into its own. After a day and night of ups and downs, culminating in downs, and of hurrying to get all my work done, answer emails, pack my things to go away… I reached 4.15am and was feeling very sleep-deprived, very jittery, very not ready in any way. I have a train to catch at 6.20am, and I knew that going to bed would be next to useless, but there’s no way I could stay up… so I decided to test out the mezzanine.

I thought a spot of genuine meditation would be in order. Fired up iTunes, told it to play any tracks where the genre contains the words “ambient”, “meditative” or “impressionist”. I settled down in the wonderful Emmanuelle-esque big round cane saucer-chair that Gill plonked up there for me (it’s perfect for meditation – curls around a cross-legged body just right, supports you all over) and tried to get into some of the exercises I’ve been practising down at the local Buddhist centre.

I couldn’t do it… my mind was too all-over-the-place, I could barely get a hold on my breathing, let alone focus on all the parts of my body, relaxing one at a time. But gradually the music came into its own, and that’s what saved me. I didn’t meditate so much as trip out to sounds. One particular track came on, the first track off Beyond the Pale by Experimental Audio Research. Funnily enough, of all my 18,000-odd tracks, I’d listened to that very one in iTunes only this afternoon, and rated it only as two-stars, it grated somewhat. But in this different mental state it was like a new landscape for my thought patterns to follow. The gently sweeping constantly rising trumpet-like drone reminded me of Glenn Branca, it seared into my brain, lifting it higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and higher and…

And the next thing I know, it’s nearly an hour later, I feel completely chilled out, and I’m all ready to go catch my train, or do anything that the world throws at me. It’s true, a quick session of meditation can be as good as a night’s sleep. (Well, I’m still pretty dozy, but so much more chilled out and happy with my lot. I was beginning to think my state of mind would impinge seriously on my holiday. Now I’m ready to FACE THE WORLD!)

Right, must go. The Post Office sorting depot open at 5.30am, and they’re holding a parcel for me (a copy of the book Margeting, which I’ve got to review ASAP for Brand Republic. The book is written by Netherlanders. Hee hee hee, I could have some fun with this one…

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