I Forgot to Mention…

…I now have a large vat of very tasty smelling duck stock. Lots of soups in the days to come… anyone got any suggestions? For lunch today I think I’ll have a Swiss (Schwyz)-style rice and chestnut soup (OK, it’s supposed to be beef stock, but waddya think I am, a fucking masochist?)

Speaking of beef, I tried a bit of steak last week. It was actually OK, nothing like the beef, though still not great as meat goes, a bit stringy. At the same meal, I had black pudding and apples – not a spot on the ones Mark had at South, and not a spot on the ones I’m gonna cook as soon as I get hold of some black pudding – and I had duck with winter vegetables: the duck was a bit tough, again not a spot on the one I cooked, but the veggies must have been ultra-fresh because I have never tasted such flavoursome and perfectly-steamed broccoli, carrot, cauliflower, turnip and brussels-sprout. The carrot had a flavour of brazil nut, gorgeous.

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  1. Why not use your stock to make a nice bone-warming broth? Simmer it with a star anise, some ginger, garlic and spring onions, maybe a chilli or two. No, definitely a chilli or two. Add some strips of carrot, courgette, whatever. Dash of soy sauce or nam pla, or both. Mushrooms and noodles. Can’t beat it.
    (I’m doing goose on Christmas Day – should be novel!)

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