What we did in Manchester

In Manchester, we stayed in the Somerset Atrium again.  

It had got dirtier since our last visit.

But we had a room on the top floor. On the corner.

Somerset Atrium, Manchester

There is more to tell.

With lots of pictures.

Read it now. Especially the “alt” tags. If you know what “alt” tags are. I’m not sure that I do.

Part of our living room was in a turret. The turret had five little windows.  

  First window Second window - looking down Princess Street Third window Fourth window - looking along the canal Fifth window  

Click below to see what the windows looked like at different times.

Night time one
Night time two
Day time again
Also, click above to see us dancing. The room was good for dancing.

Dan dancing

It also had a nice kitchen and a mirror.

Dan in the mirror

When we cooked croissants, the room filled with smoke.

In the lift, there were lots of stripes of light on the walls.

The stripes only appear in photographs.

Gill in the lift

When we went outside, Gill looked very cute.

Gill in Manchester

Outside the town hall, we narrowly escaped being eaten by a giant Santa Claus.

Father Christmas on top of Manchster Town Hall

This building might have been made out of chocolate:

Is this building choculous, or something more innocuous?

The Christmas Trees come in very regular shapes only:

Christmas Tree

Some creatures were spitting. Which is rude.

Nasty spitty gargoyle things. Quite nice really.

Or perhaps they were being sick. They probably ate too many coconut things. From the German market.

A lady fed the birds. I think she'd been there a while.

Some kind of statue of a lady with pigeons. Very reassuring.

The art gallery had more nice things than we can show you.

We were frightened when we met a monster.

Some kind of monster, surely?

A lady told us about art, but we didn't listen.

I think this lady had something to do with one of those Flemish painters

People were dying, and at the same time reflecting us.

A painting of grim stuff going on

Are underpants art? Some people say "YES!"

Y-Fronts, Marks & Spencer, 1973

This carriage has got nice stays.

Carriage and Horse, by some French man living in Manchester

A lot of pictures are creepy. Even to an enthusiast.

This girl was being very nasty to her boyfriend, her dog and everyone. She is painted by a nice man called Mr Ford Madox Brown. I thought a Ford was a car.

Even Gill can be creepy. When she's all in black.

Gill through a doorway. With some more doorways visible. And stuff.

When we left, we saw the sunlight coming down a nearby street.

We ran before the sunlight could get us!

Run, Dan, Run!

Run, Gill, Run!

The sun tries to sneak up on us. It doesn't know we're smarter than that!

I drove home, hiding under the steering wheel all the way.

Dan, hiding under the steering wheel, shoots off random photos as he drives

There's no way that mean old sun's going to catch me out!