Car Bed

Oh dear, isn’t shopping a dangerous thing.

Gill just went down the junk/antique-shop road in town, looking for some radiators for our new conversion. Ended up in a 70s retro store. We just bought a bed frame.

It has to be seen to be believed – covered in tan suede, it has a huge headboard which looks like a car dashboard. Built into it are two racing-car-style seat backs. In between them is a built-in radio (LW/MW only, sadly, but I’m sure I could get under the bonnet and soup it up. A bit of Nitrous Oxide should do the trick). At either end, the board curves around to make two side-tables, each with its own light. At least one of the tables (I didn’t see the other one – the bed wasn’t assembled) has a mirror surface in the middle. There’s also a loudspeaker (for the radio… which is LOUD) and a little round pot (for storing your 50 John Player Specials?) on either side of the bed. Underneath are a couple of sliding-doored cabinets.

But words cannot do it justice. It’s being delivered here in the next few days. Party attendees will no doubt get a guided tour, and me even be allowed a quick spin under careful supervision.

The bed was built by a guy in South Wales in the 1970s. He only ever made six of them, and died in a car crash (not in this bed) shortly afterwards.

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