Flower Arranging

Some Daffodils wot I arranged I just did some flower arranging. I never thought I would know where to start
with something like flower arranging. And, of course, I didn’t. But like
many things I’ve tried lately (especially creative things),
I didn’t think about where I would start. Or rather, I didn’t think about
where I would go once I started. I just moved ahead slowly in a vaguely
random direction, took a step back and looked at what I did, and repeated
this process iteratively until I had something which made me smile. It
seems to be quite a good method of doing things.

I never thought I could do interior design either. But I’m proving myself
wrong, at least in my head. The proof of the pudding is yet to come. Just
waiting for the builders to finish off…

2 thoughts on “Flower Arranging

  1. I think the clock on your microwave is set wrong…

    Synchronicity : I’m working with flowers too, lately.

    Nice to see you being so creative, Dan.

  2. How did you know about the clock??? Actually, Gill just painted the wall behind the microwave (not the one you can see, the white one next to it) so it was only just re-plugged and is showing no time at the moment. (Well, if I’m totally honest, the clock has been showing no time for about the last three months).

    Thanks for the compliment. Shame I took that photo from the wrong angle, so they don’t actually look so great, but I was struggling to find somewhere to rest the camera so I could take a four-second exposure rather than having to use the flash. (Yeah, yeah, so I could have turned the flowers around, but that would be too much like hard work, after all).

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