The Usual Type of Incredible Coincidence

I just thought I experienced the most amazing coincidence ever. I’m painting away, iTunes blaring in the background, when David Bowie’s cover of the Pixies song “Cactus” comes on. What should come on after it but… Cactus, by the Pixies. “WOW!” I thought, “out of all the 16,334 songs on my hard disk… what are the odds of that?”

It was only when I heard another song called… “Cactus”, by The Legendary Stardust Cowboy, followed by yet another “Cactus”, by the Dog Faced Hermans, that I realised I was listening to my library in order of song title, and not, as I’d thought, listening on random play.

Must go now. “Cadaverous Mastication” by Meshuggah just came on.