Moro Cookbook

I recently got my hands on the excellent Moro Cookbook. Bursting with must-try enthusiasm.

This weekend, I knocked up some gorgeous mezze – just-cooked carrots with chopped coriander and a sort of garlic-cumin paste, betroot with yoghurt and parsley, deep-fried aubergine slices with raw red chilli and a red-wine vinegar dressing. All made with fresh Beanies organic ingredients. Wonderful and incredibly tasty, reminded me of the mixture Mark and I devoured at Momo’s little sister restaurant in Heddon Street. The only problem with the recipes was that they all called for vast amounts of raw garlic in the dressings, something which burns my stomach and leaves me doubled up in agony and burping green fire. I used the quantities called for, but I poached it on the lowest possible heat in some olive oil for about half-an-hour, which made it far more palatable.

But even better than all this… the book gives directions for making your own live yoghurt (yeah, OK, it seems a little like cheating that one of the ingredients is… live yoghurt). Simply cook some full fat milk to reduce it by a third, stir in double cream, leave it to cool until you can stick your finger in the bowl for ten seconds, then add a few tablespoons of live youghurt and leave, covered with clingfilm and a tea towel, in a warm place for at least eight hours. The result is… well, it’s certainly not low-fat yoghurt! Halfway between cream and yoghurt, with gorgeous yellow lumps floating in it and with a richness that lingers around the inside of your mouth, and the satisfaction of something rustically home-made. Great on fruit salad.

They also give instructions for making sourdough bread. But I need a good couple of weeks free to try that.