Purple Dragonfly

Some very vivid dreams this morning. Of course, I’ve forgotten a lot of it over the last couple of hours… open up the leisure centre, get everything ready in the café for when the customers arrive… have to kill my dad, very sad really but necessary… go swimming with the kids… etc etc.

What I do remember though is the dragonfly. It was purple, in the same way that dragonflies are usually green or blue, irridescent bright purple. And it was huge. Fucking huge. I mean, whenever I see a dragonfly, I am often amazed at how big those things are, but they all pale next to this one. I was just saying to someone sat next to me “Fuck! Did you see that dragonfly over there, it was the size of a cat”, when the dragonfly usefully came and landed just outside the window so that we could accurately check its size. Even more usefully, I turned to the right and noticed that there was a cat stuck on the next window, claws extended and somehow hanging on to the glass. The conclusion was that the cat did perhaps have a little more bulk, but they were certainly very closely matched and the dragonfly was perhaps a little longer, even though it was much stubbier than most dragonflies. Another interesting thing, from that close we could see that it was clearly made of purple silk, with some kind of feathery bits at the end of its tail. Very strange.

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