So Safe

Well, we finally launched the So Safe website – it officially goes live at a presentation tomorrow morning, at which I have to speak following a 5am train journey down from Sheffield (was going to travel tonight but… been busy trying to make things work).

I’m still not very happy with the site, especially the Flash bits which I tried to throw together today with too little understanding/memory of how to do so, and which as a result don’t work quite as they should (and it shows). I am, however, absurdly proud of the Photo Exhibition and the fact that I came as damn close to the W3C Web Content Accessibilty Guidelines as is possible on a Flash website (OK, almost, I still have to implement the Macromedia accessibilty gumph). It really is the simple things that make me the happiest.

Now I just want to spend the rest of my life* building straightforward, information-based totally accessible websites, like the Westall Artists one I mentioned the other day. I get a warm glow from that kind of stuff.

*except for the time spent with Gill, the kids and the allotment, of course.

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