We are all Sluts of Trust

I went into a record (or rather, CD) shop yesterday, intending to buy the new album by The Streets. Instead the new album by the Sluts of Trust leered out at me almost before I’d got through the door. I’ve written about the band here before, and the album was everything as wonderful as I’d hoped. Also the first CD I’ve bought in ages, yes file-sharing is killing CD-buying, but good CDs are still worth buying. Also, the same day “Fat Boab” posted an enlightening comment on my previous Sluts entry.

Here’s what I just wrote about the album on Amazon:

This is an incredible album, from an incredible band. The Sluts of Trust’s angry, raw combination of drums, guitar, voice and nothing else won’t appeal to all, particularly as the vocals and guitar playing are sometimes flawed (but more human because of it). Their pared-down approach features a polyphonic squee of guitar noises, chords, solos, basslines all played on the same instrument at the same time like a not quite so extreme version of Caspar Brotzmann’s Massaker. Underneath this are rock-solid drums (some wonderful stilted thrown-together rhythyms), and above it raw, funny vocals. It’s hard to think of comparisons: Eddie van Halen’s psychopathic runt of a half-brother rails against the world, Mark E Smith discovers heavy metal, I dunno. They’re unique and they’re wonderful.