Over-Rich Breakfast Bleurgh

Euurgh. I am so going to die of some obesity-related decadent disease.

I just had a bit of a special breakfast. Last week, I made some stuff, kinda like panna cotta, from a Nigella Lawson recipe. Basically, pick some elderflowers, boil them in double cream, leave them to sit for between 30 minutes and 2 hours (I accidentally left mine in for about 4 hours, hence the end product was overpoweringly, cloyingly elderflowerry). Then add some sugar, boil again, and add gelatine to firm it up (I used agar agar instead, worked fine). Stick it in the fridge overnight and eat. God it’s rich.

Anyway, I had some of that left over, needing eating. And I had some gooseberries that I’d bought to go with it. And also some very buttery biscuit mix left over from some baking I did with Lola last night. So I baked a big round of the biscuit mix, stewed up the gooseberries with sugar and water, and combined the whole lot into a sort of a gooseberry cheesecake-except-it’s-a-cream-cake thing. And ate it. All. For breakfast.

Now I can’t move, and I’m supposed to be walking into Broomhill to meet Gill. What do I do???