Wooden Heart

I’m sure I’ve already mentioned here various bits of writing I’m working on. Well, I reached a major landmark last week courtesy of a few hours in Ed’s studio. I blocked out the screech of his lathe by writing mindlessly. Managed to get down pretty all the elements for my first short story.

It’s a long way from being completed: most sections are little more than thoughts thrown down onto the page, but at least all of the structure’s in place. I read it to Ed, then to Jan, and then Gill; all seemed surprisingly impressed. (Ed even said that the Dan before him, the Dan with flowery shoes and a flowery shirt, writing stories and acting in plays, was the Dan he’d been waiting to return, the Dan of old. Thanks Ed). Jan specifically asked me to stick it up here so that he can read it again. So here you are, Jan. ‘Cause I Don’t Have a Wooden Heart, first draft (sorry, it’s still full of the odd note-to-self).

Comments, corrections, praise, damnation, etc etc etc all very welcome. Leave your calling card below…