I just installed some new logfile analysis software (Urchin). Interesting to check out its findings, just based upon the first day-and-a-half of September.

Seems that almost all of my referrals these days are from the search engines. Nobody important links to my site any more <sniff>. And all those crazy search terms are still there, plus a few new entries:

  • bless your cotton socks
  • speed camera a470 llyswen
  • haircut mullet mohican
  • reality girls
  • travel and life in space
  • arthog tolkien
  • adda margeting
  • coca cola olympics nazi sponsor

etc etc etc. Now, some of these I can easily work out what page they’ve jumped to (like the speed camera in Llyswen), but others… I really have no idea. Good inspiration for automatic writing though – getting other people to cut-up my website.

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