Malted Ice

Last night I had my first really worthwhile worthwhile inspiration since getting the ice-cream maker (which was about three months ago): Horlicks ice-cream. Absolutely gorgeous stuff.

Recipe: make some custard, as if you were making vanilla ice cream. Then mix a wee bit of milk with some Horlicks powder, as you would when making a mug of Horlicks, except I used loads of powder partly because when frozen the flavour wouldn’t come through so strongly and partly because… it’s just not possible to make Horlicks too strong, is it? Then I mixed the custard with the Horlicks mix, added some cream and sugar, and stuck it in the ice-cream maker. It was superb: if possible, even better than I’d been expecting.

Gill tasted some of the Horlicks/custard mix as I was making it, and commented that it wasn’t really either sweet or savoury. This got us both thinking: Horlicks ice-cream (sans sugar) as a starter. I’m sure one of the courses we ate at Juniper contained Horlicks, probably Horlicks mayonnaise or something like that, and I reckon we could come up with some similarly inspired avant-flavourings. Personally, I reckon Horlicks ice-cream and roasted parsnips would be a good combinaton, Gill things roasted squash as well. It’s almost enough to make me want to hold a weird food dinner party.