What a Year

I got a new comment on my post “America the Stupid (Vulgar, Ugly…)” the other day. I’m aching to reply to willc2 to tell him what I think of his dumbass opinion, but experience has taught me that doing so will only end in me getting more wound up and, besides, the email he gave me will probably bounce right back.

I just listened to Radio 4’s News Review of 2004. How fucking depressing. One bleak year of sickening terrorist attacks, kidnappings and executions, “liberators” torturing the liberated, stupid oppressive unnecessary laws, lying leaders, racial and religious intolerance, and just general out-and-out bad shit. Yes, willc2, just do what you feel is in your best interest and, as long as you keep on watching Fox News, you’ll never know any different.

Couple this with yesterday’s tsunami and the dreadful news that insomnia kept me listening to all night, plus the remorse/guilt/regret I’ve been feeling recently over Wiston, the Haitian kid we sponsored who hasn’t been seen since the storms there, and Guy’s horrific experience, all adds up to make me feel pretty miserable about the state of the world. <sigh>