It’s that Time Again

They say it’s my birthday (na na na na na na), Well happy birthday to me (na na na na na na).

Yes, it’s rolled around again, I’m 36 today. Doesn’t feel very different, I have to say.

On the present front, I got a bath cushion from Lola (hmmm?), an African mask from Rowan (kewl! I wanna cover a wall with masks – only got about half-a-dozen so far), and a set of shot glasses with some drinking game from Gill (again, hmm… I was asking for shot glasses not long ago, mainly because Hannah & Jon got me a bartender thingy for Christmas, a thing which holds four spirit bottles upside-down with 30ml optics; but to be honest I don’t see myself playing many drinking games, over-drinking just wears me down so much these days). A couple of weeks ago, I went down to the local junk shop which has a closing down sale at the moment. I bought an African mask and some shot glasses. I could tell from the slightly surprised disappointed expressions on Gill and Rowan’s faces that I had perhaps pre-empted them.

I’m also awaiting a copy of Casa Moro that I know my mum & dad have ordered me from Amazon, which I’m really excited about. And of course there’s all that other shit from Amazon which you, my dear readers, will have placed on order following my recent unsubtle hint. What? You forgot? Well get on with it then, for gawd’s sake. And Guy has made me a very nice online birthday card.

On the subject of forgetting… I almost forgot that yesterday was mine & Gill’s wedding anniversary. Yes, I know that I said at the time of the wedding that holding it the day before my birthday meant I would never forget, but here we are two years further on and I did exactly that. The only thing that reminded me was the fact that, the day before, we got a letter addressed to “Mr. and Mrs. D. Sumption”, I opened it and it was an anniversary card from Gill’s mum & dad. I got to work quickly, made a rather crappy card on the computer (a picture from our wedding of the two of us kissing [although obscured under Gill’s cloak], which I treated with a sort of cotton effect, this being our cotton anniversary). Then, far nicer than the card, I made an envelope for it: again because it was our cotton anniversary, I took an old cotton T-shirt, cut out the front and sewed it up into an envelope. It was one of those FCUK T-shirts from a few years back, the ones with mixed-up sentences on them. This one read “here snog come over me and”. I then put on the T-shirt, with gaping wound in the front (actually, it looked quite good like that, in a gay sort of way), went up to Gill, told her someone had stolen my heart, and presented her with the envelope. It was appreciated.

Gill’s card to me was a wall… she’d cut out a load of heart shapes from various red and pink bit of plastic, paper and material, and put them all on strings with the help of the girls, then hung them all along one wall. They did it while I was having a nap, so it was a nice surprise to wake up to. She also gave me some chocolate massage oil and a chocolate bath bomb… nice idea but… it’s non-edible! I don’t really see the point of chocolate unless you can eat it.

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