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  1. Hi, Dan. It’s so funny that I would look at your blog and come across your comment about finding your pictures on other people’s websites. I happened upon your photo section a couple of years ago while doing a Google image search for “playground” and “slide,” I think. I have to admit, I carelessly stole your bandwidth (I wasn’t too aware of that sort of thing back then) by posting a couple of your pictures on a Beck (musician) bulletin board. (Maybe you noticed, if that info came back to you!) Anyway, since then I’ve returned a few times, simply to look at your pictures. Tonight I was concerned that you might not be here anymore, because it’s been months since I stopped by, and sites are so ephemeral on the net. I was relieved to find you, so I decided to try to figure out where I could tell you how glad I was you were here, and that I like your photos an awful lot.

    Cheers to you and your family. See you next time!

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