Spring on the Allotment

Yesterday was our first day this year on the allotment. I’ve been meaning to visit all winter, to clear out more of the grassed over/weeded over area so we have more space for planting, but it’s one of those (many) things which when the weekend came around, I never wanted to do. No problem, although yesterday felt like a very late start to things, in fact I think we timed it about right.

We didn’t spend very long there, but Cath and Beth, and Harriet and her kids were also there, so we got what felt like quite a lot done. I raked over the area where we grew potatoes last year, got rid of a lot of stones and grass roots, and planted it with some shallot sets. Alex had strongly recommended a shallot confiture recipe to me in the top tens thread on the KRMB and I wanted to try making it with home-grown shallots (in the meantime, I bought myself a kilo-and-a-half and am making up a batch anyway, I’m too impatient to wait for these buggers to grow).

Once all the shallots were in the ground, there was some space left over, so I dug up the clump of chives I’d put in from a pot last year, and split it out into about a dozen separate bunches, so hopefully we’ll have plenty of chives coming up soon.

Meanwhile, the others got on with some serious weeding, clearing and digging, and planted another couple of rows of seed potatoes and some carrots.

Later in the day I returned to plant a few flower bulbs and roots that have been knocking around the house for ages: I stuck them in the little (glass-filled) patch of earth just behind the allotment’s back wall, so hopefully in a couple of months we’ll have a riot of colour between us and the row of council houses which back onto the allotments.

I’ve been in the allotment a few times over winter, just popping in with the dog whenever I take him for a walk up to Bole Hills. It’s a bit boring though when nothing much ever changes. Now that we’ve got growing stuff in there, I shall be down every other day checking for new signs of life.

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