Live 8

Live8 tickets available via mobile phone lottery from today. I heard about this on the news this morning, and my instand thought was “shit, gotta text now, don’t want to miss my chance to get a ticket”. Then I woke up properly, analysed that thought a little more, and realised how utterly ridiculous it was. Why on earth would I want to be cooped up with half-a-million other poor souls watching Bono strut his stuff? Or Elton John? Sir Paul Fucking McCartney, anyone? Eurgh. I can imagine few things more horrific. It reminded me of the Queen’s Jubilee concerts in 2002, when I walked down the Mall, past crowds enraptured at the sight and sound of Rod Stewart adorning numerous large screens; I felt stifled until I peered through the grated windows of the ICA behind which, in pools of sweat, people were having a really good time listening to the Buff Medways play a Sonic Mook Experiment gig.

Oh, and Sting’s playing too. Didn’t he used to be quite good once? O, Sting, where is thy death?