Team America

I watched Team America on DVD last night – already saw it at the cinema, where I loved it and rated it four stars. Well, on second viewing I think I should upgrade that to a five. It’s a perfect film in almost every respect, and pant-pissingly funny. The scriptwriters and puppeteers have every Hollywood cliché nailed: Will, who watched it with me, said “those puppets are better actors than actors” (to which, of course, I should have replied “yeah dude, that’s why they call it acting).

Didn’t have time to watch all of the DVD extras, but the interview clips with Trey Parker & Matt Stone which I did watch were enlightening. They said their original intention had been to do an exact remake of a Jerry Bruckheimer movie, using puppets. They said that Bruckheimer movies were already comedy, but the puppets would emphasize that, which is exactly what they do: as I mentioned, every Hollywood cliché is worked in, but the use of puppets makes these clichés so damn obvious that you can’t help laughing.

Some great insight on Kim Jong Il too. His tearjerker song in the film, “Lonely” (“I’m so ronery….”) was funny but, as Trey and Parker pointed out, probably pretty close to the truth. “Kim Jong Il is a big movie buff, he has a collection of 25,000 movies in his presidential palace. You can be pretty certain he’ll see this movie at some point, and when he sees that song I think he’ll cry”.