We’re Gonna be Fostering

We jumped the penultimate hurdle in the marathon (erm, that’s not a mixed sporting metaphor, is it? Ah well, call it my belated contribution to London’s Olympic bid) to become foster carers for FCA. For several months now, we have had regular visits from a social worker, who has interviewed all the family (and several friends) for hours at a time (quite an enjoyable experience, actually), followed by an interview with another social worker for a “second opinion”. Well, today we went with our two social workers in front of a panel of twelve people and took a grilling.

Actually, it was a lot easier than I’d expected. Our two social workers, who had suffered a much longer grilling before we were allowed into the room, must have done an excellent job in putting our case across. We were questioned for about five minutes, then we left the room for another five, and returned to be told that the panel was recommending us as foster carers (we were also told lots of very nice ego-boosting stuff about why they thought we would make good foster carers. The morning was worth it if only for that). Now we just have to wait for final approval, which sounds like little more than a rubber-stamp, and within a couple of weeks we could have another kid in our home!

I went straight from the panel to a conference on the Sheffield Development Framework Core Strategy. This started off a little dull, but by the end I found it quite fascinating. I was a bit miffed though that the session barely touched on the subject I was interested in (development of the city’s arts and cultural industries); in fact the workshop I attended, on “The Economy” which was the closest topic I could find, was split into sections on Business & Industry and Retail & Leisure, and the very small section devoted to Leisure seemed to be mainly about the possibility of building a casino in Sheffield and expanding Sheffield’s sporting facilities, not a word about the arts (despite the fact that, as I learnt today, Sheffield has the largest purpose-built art space in the North of England).

Still, it was fun, and perhaps the closest I’ll ever come to playing Sim City for real 🙂

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