I *really* am an Actor

18 months ago, I wrote an entry entitled “I Am An Actor”. That statement was meant to be slightly tongue in cheek, after all the only thing I’d done was to turn up at an audition and be offered a part in a play. I still had to learn the lines, get into my role, and actually get up there on stage to perform it. In retrospect, I performed OK in Marriage last year, but not great. A part of me would love to do the play again, because there are so many things I would change now that I’m older and wiser.

So, now I’ve done my second play, and it has been such a huge learning experience. I feel, at last, that I put everything into Harpagon which I should have put into Kochkaryov, I overcame my embarrassment and threw myself into becoming a thoroughly unpleasant stereotype. I did some bloody good acting, if I do say so myself. Actually, I don’t just say so myself – I was showered with all manner of pleasing hyperbole from everyone I spoke to who saw the play, both friends and strangers, as well as hearing many nice comments second-hand. Looking back on the performance, I can say that there is very little I would have done different, given the opportunity. I just wish that the play had gone on for more than four nights, and that we had managed to get a lot more people to see it. Audiences were far, far, too small (although everyone who came really appreciated the play, and there was plenty of laughter) mainly because of the laziness of Sheffield’s two main newspapers, The Telegraph and The Star, both of whom ignored our repeated emails with details of performance times, press releases etc, and completely neglected to include us in their listings. If they had bothered to list us then our audience numbers would probably have doubled, and we might have turned a profit on the play, rather than ending up several hundred pounds in debt. Wankers.

I’ll be putting more pictures and stuff online in the not-too-distant future. In the meantime, here is a video clip of Harpagon and Frosine, the match-maker (the clip is a streaming Windows Media file, approximately 9 minutes long and 23Mb in total).