I would write something here about Michael Haneke’s film Hidden (Caché), but I can’t because my brain isn’t working this morning. But what I will do, mainly for my own benefit, is link to this brief review and anything-but-brief discussion of the film, which helped me to unravel some of the themes and in particular the “what happened there?” ending. Something I love about Michael Haneke’s films: they’re never over at the end, the audience is expected to work hard and, in doing so, gets so much more out of the movie.

And a quote from the lead character which gives away the movie’s context:

Terrorize me and my family and you’ll regret it.

I saw this movie a fortnight ago, and realisations about it are only just blossoming within my head. Although many of the themes within it relate to France’s treatment of Algeria, I believe many elements within the film actually refer to the USA’s treatment of Iraq (from the obvious – the TV news footage shown while the Laurents fret over their missing son, to the less so – the fact that Georges is convinced his once-almost-brother Majid is terrorizing him but Majid strenuously denies this and eventually the audience comes to believe his denials. Hell, even the fact that the main character is called George(s) and (possible spoiler this) the brief suggestion that the “terrorists” could be the children of Georges and Majid, an allegory for their own deeds coming home to roost).

Damn, yes. A hell of a lot to think about.

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