Cheenah at the Old Blue Last

Cheenah at the Old Blue LastCheenah at the Old Blue Last

Some more pictures from last week, and the last night of my photojournalism course – Cheenah live at the 1234 records night at Vice Magazine‘s Old Blue Last. This band were awesome, they were so lively that the best way to capture them was with some slow exposure shots like this, which ended up looking like Francis Bacon paintings. The pictures above link to two action-collages: Cheenah collage one and Cheenah collage two.
I got some more pictures of them, which I may post soon, plus some of the following band Trafalgar, including Bob Geldof’s daughter, Peaches Geldof, on tambourine & backing vocals, and who were all 15 years old and were fairly sloppy & noisesome.