Ich Bin Kein Berliner

Weird, Google seems to think that I’m German.

I can surf to google.co.uk no problem, but if I try to reach .com then it redirects me to google.de. And now I’ve noticed that when I’m served Google ads, there’s usually a smattering of German ones among them.

I can see various ways in which this might have happened. Most likely theory is that the Germans who stayed here recently flicked some switch and it stayed switched. But I’ve also done a fair bit of Googling in German, and other stuff in German (including installing a browser plugin which translates words to German when I hover the mouse over them). Somewhere along the line, Google must have picked up the idea that I’m German.

Well, if nothing else, this demonstrates that the day when Google knows everything there is to know about us is still some way off.

Meanwhile, this morning I’ve been reading in the Guardian about
the German sense of humour (yes, there is one).

Update: After visiting Worldpay and getting a page in German, I finally realised what the problem is. I recently started using an (excellent) proxy service set up by The Future’s Perfect. The proxy server filters out all known viruses, trojans and other nasties before they even reach my (woefully inadequate – yes, I still love IE) web browser. However, because the proxy server is based in Germany, and some websites serve different content depending on your IP address, they sniff the German server’s IP address and serve me their content in German.

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