Taxi Driver and Street Photography

I watched Taxi Driver last night. Last time I saw it was over 15 years ago, and I remembered very little about it. Great film, especially the cinematography. I’m not sure how much this just reflects my current interest and frames of reference, but the photographic style of the movie seemed very much influenced by American street photographers. All of those hazy, sleazy neon-lit night shots made me think of any number of different things. A lot of the scenes of political ralleys put me in mind of Gary Winogrand’s book Public Relations, but most of all the general grainy night-time feel, and in particular the bloody crime scene towards the end, made me think of the (much earlier) photos of Weegee.

Update: OK, I was just watching TV for a couple of hours (the longest in months) and I realised that everything on there also looks like various forms of photography I’ve been looking at recently. Realised that I also haven’t watched any movies for a long time. Hence, this “Weegee influence” is probably more a reflection of a change in the way I look at things than it is specific to this movie.