This Friday night on TV

This Friday night/Saturday morning, at 12.35am, make sure you’re watching BBC2. It’s the last episode of a TV show called Blast, a magazine programme aimed at under-25s and covering art, dance, film, music and writing. From what I saw of it last week, it is quite inspirational (and nothing like the “yoof” label might lead to you to expect).

And the show also contains a feature on the great people I met at last week’s Noise art show at the Liverpool Biennial, part of Noise Festival, and will hopefully include the rather beautiful and heartwarming surprise that met us once we got to the pub (congratulations Kate & Jack!)

There may even be a little interview with me on what I thought of the art show. Although I’m sure that part will end up on the cutting-room floor once they realise my age (hell, the BBC won’t even let me post on the Blast message board because I fit their profile of a potential paedophile, only hanging out on the board because I want to lure unsuspecting 24 year-olds into my evil lair).

Oh, and on beforehand is a documentary on the Fall (from 11.35), so I know you’ll all be watching anyway.

PS. You can also watch the show via the Blast website.

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