That Newsweek Afghanistan/Liebowitz Thing

It seems as if it’s been hard to move on the web this last week without stumbling on somebody (rightly) mouthing off about the latest issue of Newsweek, which has as its cover story “Losing Afghanistan” across the whole world, except in the USA where there is some fluff on Annie Liebowitz’s family with the headline “My Life in Pictures”.

There are implications in this so plain to see that it’s easy just to present the covers juxtaposed and say “look” and leave it at that. So it’s very refreshing to see that the excellent political/photography/photojournalism blog Bag News Notes has a much deeper look into the issues and implications├é┬áincluding much on the fact that Liebowitz’s late partner, Susan Sontag, was perhaps the last century’s most widely respected theorizer on photography and renowned for her avoidance of the glare of publicity.

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