Lots of New Photos

I’ve had a minor overhaul of my Life photo pages – not quite the overhaul that they so badly need, but I have added categories to most of the sets of photos there (gig, art performance, family photos, etc.) to try and make them a bit easiier to dive into.

I’ve also added three new sets of photos: the first one is from the sold-out Whitehouse/That Fucking Tank/Martin Archer gig which was organised by Freenoise on 15th September. The next two are photographic explorations for ongoing art-photography projects. Pastoral includes photos taken at and around Bole Hills while I was walking the dog (I’m keen on making a set out of these rather creepy high-contrast woodland photos), and Turquoise Aqua Cyan is an extension of the Light of my Life theme (featuring photos which could have been taken by my kids, but weren’t), this time paying a little more attention to colour as well as light.

I hope you enjoy them. Please leave any comments here.

2 thoughts on “Lots of New Photos

  1. Hello mate, I was down the front at the Whitehouse Sheffield gig (we bumped into each other a few times) and these ace photos brought back memories of a great night. Good results, considering the low light levels. Nice one!

  2. Your new photos?!!! Look at my dismal efforts! Dan I need your ace pics of Psychic TV (which I know they will be). I found it very profound and seriously need (desire) to relive it. I know when I see your pics I will feel better.
    So vulnerable, so impressionable…
    Money no object.

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