Thomas Truax photos

Another night another gig – photos here. Actually, these are from a week after the last set. And I’ve managed to whittle this down to a manageable size (20 photos).

These were shot at the same place as the Whitehouse pictures, The Grapes, but have much less blur (it was lighter, people didn’t move as much, and I even got my flash out for a couple of photos). Thomas Truax was incredible, he played some beautiful music on (mostly) home-made instruments and had the audience in hysterics. Very photogenic too.

Thomas also ran around the stage switching lights on and off in between songs. He must have known what he was doing, because each instrument seems lit with just the right colours to suit its character.

Of the previous bands, Michael Eden was very good, but barely moved, and I just couldn’t concoct any interesting photos. Tim Pare’s band was dull, so I had even more problems (hence there’s just one picture, of his guitarist, and he looks like a waxwork). But it was all worth it for the Hornicator!

Plus a few bonus photos at the end, from Club 60, Sheffield’s secret speakeasy.