Photography Portfolio Website

I recently got around to doing something which has been on my mind for several months: I built myself a more focused, photography-only website.

The website is intended to drum up a little more photography business for me, and ultimately to serve as a shop window for my art projects. I don’t feel like my work is quite fully developed yet (in particular, I wish I had a few more portraits & event photos to represent the kind of work I’d like to be hired to do), but I wanted to stake my claim and start building up search engine visibility.

Also some of the writing doesn’t quite feel comfortable – trying to write an artist’s statement is hard when I don’t really have a coherent vision of the direction I wish to pursue.

The site will always stay around this size – I plan to add “genre” sections on Fashion/Beauty, Music and Product/Still-life when I have enough good pictures to justify it, but I will never put more than 9 photos in a section.

Comments & criticism very welcome.