My Other (Creepy) Celebrity Look-Alike

I just got a strange and slightly disturbing email, from somebody I barely know, accompanied by a photograph of a severed head. The email said:

no doubt you have seen this or not

I have been following a poster on the subway all month thinking, that face is familiar….


At first, I was at a loss to work out what coincidence he was referring to. The head in the photo looked a little like me, although not so much that I would have jumped up and said “it’s my long lost twin”. Then it hit me: the head in the photo looked a little like me. More specifically, like a particular photo of me, the one I have been using on the home-page of my photography website, and also as an avatar on Flickr and other various forums I’m signed up to.

So, compare and contrast, Mask II by Ron Mueck, and Self-portrait while sleeping by Dan Sumption:

Two Sleepers - Ron Mueck and Dan Sumption

Update: see also this composite.

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