Free Jamming!

I’m in a(nother) band! I’ve joined up with the Tajalli Vortex as their full-time bass-player. Great though it is to be able to play structured music & recognisable tunes, I’ve really missed the freedom of free-improv and it’s so refreshing just being able to go into a room with three other musicians and to have to listen intently and survive on your wits.

We had our first jam on Tuesday, all of which was recorded and a couple of segments of which made it onto our new demo tape (available on the audio vault).

We also have a gig lined up: 26th April, in Sheffield, we’re supporting, and also playing with, Damo Suzuki, former singer with Can. I’m very excited!

1 thought on “Free Jamming!

  1. Scraping that chain across the pickups feel good don’t it..?! Who’d a thought it…all totally improvised and spontaneous (there should be a word for that…spontovised..?).

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