Washtock Exhibition Opening

Last night was the opening of my photo exhibition at the Washington. There was a fairly good turn out, almost all other photographers.

First of all Lloyd arrived all the way from Leeds. We had a really good chat about the photography workshops I’m running next month, Lloyd had heaps of useful advice and I feel far more confident about how I’m going to approach the workshops now.

Next Christiane turned up fresh from a talk at the Site Gallery by Jerwood winner Daniel Gustav Cramer.  Jacqui and Steve turned up, as did Paula (polly.jane) from the Sheffield Flickr group . Geraldine arrived with her family, only to find out that kids aren’t allowed in the Washington, so she sent them home and came in herself. And I finally got to have a proper chat with Moses/0742 (who I have photographed before, but only managed to talk to in brief drunken fits) and his friend Steve Withington, AKA Carlos Barcode. Steve and Christiane seemed to get into some sort of very heated debate over whether one needs formal art training to be an art photographer, or something like that (I didn’t catch very much of it), which I would like to have got involved in but I was busy talking to half-a-dozen other people. Moses told me all about the making of his Fargate video, and a bit about his past – working with the Human League, burning a million quid with the KLF…

Nort and Mark T turned up, and around about that time, things started getting a little fuzzy and I only have pictoral memories to remind me of the rest of the evening.

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