A Good Day for Photography

It’s funny how photography assignments are like buses, you wait ages for one to come along, then loads appear all at once.

It’s been a little like that recently. December and January were barren months for photography, then at the end of January I got my photo exhibition
and a few other little things.

A few days ago I got asked to photograph somebody’s birthday party, then today, all sorts of exciting emails & stuff. First of all, this lot arrived at the door, courtesy of Amazon’s fastest ever “Super Saver” delivery (approx. 5 working hours):

Six new cameras and a card reader

Then I got an email asking me to photograph an art event on Thursday (for money!), another email from Vice Magazine asking to use some photos I took at one of their Vice Kills gigs (for no money, but what the hell, I owe them a few and they ended up linking directly to the photos on my site, which is nice). And then I sold my first framed print (this one). In between times, I got an email from somebody saying they wanted to model for me (I don’t really have anything for models to do, but it was a nice offer anyway).

Not bad going for one day. Let’s see what tomorrow holds…