Known to the Police

Four months ago, I had a strange confrontation late one Friday night. I was walking home (rather drunk) at 1am, photographing anything that looked interesting. I was almost home, and took a photo of a corner house just down the street from mine, because it had an interesting looking white box on the side wall. When I got around the front of the house, I noticed a student couple were sitting on the front wall. The guy asked me “why are you taking pictures of this house?”

“Because I want to. It’s what I do.”

“But it’s *her* house. Why are you taking pictures of it.”

“Because it’s what I do. Why are you sitting on that wall?”

“That’s different, it’s *her* wall. It’s *her* house. Why are you taking pictures of it?”

“Because it’s what I do. Why are you sitting on that wall?”

This continued a few times, then I walked off, as the conversation was obviously going nowhere and I wanted to get home. When I did, I printed out the photo, scribbled the words “and why not?” inside the
white box, and posted it through her front door (as you do).

I thought no more of it. Until tonight.

Gill has started working in a pub nearby. One of the students who drinks there was burgled recently, and tonight several of them were swapping local horror stories.

Somebody starts up… “one night we were sitting outside our house and somebody started photographing it. We asked him why and he wouldn’t give a proper explanation. That night, he posted a photograph of our house through the door, we were really scared so we phoned the police and gave them a description of him. The police said that the description matched somebody they were looking for…”

Gill said “that’s not a dangerous criminal, that’s my husband”.

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