Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello…

Delving through the archives, I unearthed a recording of an old jam session from (fuck me!) 17 years ago which I think I started putting online about 5 years ago but never finished. Here, then, in all its glory, is “Hello” by Some Adavasi, a joyful piece of psychedelic stoned freeform dub-techno noise music. I’m rather please with the tape cover I made all those years back too, makes me think I should abandon the computer for things like that and return to more homespun methods.

2 thoughts on “Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello, Hello…

  1. Fuckinghell! I’m listening to a Sunburned Hand of the Man gig after a visit to church! It’s great man!
    You know stuff similar to this kind of sound is actually being passed off as the new ‘free-folk’ and ‘New Weird America’?
    Do you have the original tape and it is any clearer than these mp3s?

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