Improvised off-camera flash technique

Improvised off-camera flash technique

This is an idea which has been bubbling in my head since the weekend, when I spent half the night trying to hold together my flash and radio receiver, and the other half nursing tempremental electrical contacts, before finally bumping into somebody, smashing the receiver and losing the battery.

I have taped up the receiver so that it’s fairly secure, taped it onto the flash head so that the two don’t keep coming apart, and – most important of all – I have stolen a small piece of sparkly fishnet tights from Rowan, slipped it over my arm, and stuffed the flash inside. This means that I have a fully operational off-camera flash at arms length from me, while my non-camera hand remains free for vital tasks such as carrying beer. Sorted!

Tonight I’m off to the Vice student gig at Plug to test it all out. No doubt something will break, again, but hopefully my ingenuity will find a way around it.

I also got one of these to pack my kit in. It’s a bit bigger than I’d imagined, but really rather swish, and incredibly practical (well, I hope it is. The proof is always in the pudding…)

10 thoughts on “Improvised off-camera flash technique

  1. Dan, good idea.

    I have cable which is not so long, have to test if that works.

    Also I heard people boucing of the inside of their hand, so you could turn the flashhead upwards (use the ceiling for the rest of the bounce).

    Thanks also for your flickr comment, as said, we seem to think alike, but it’s good you’r blogging about it, gives me new ideas.


  2. why don’t you try wearing a white glove on the hand, and have the flash point parallel with your arm, into your hand. Then you could customize the light spread with your hand.

  3. Now that you’ve got a free hand – what are you going to do with it?
    Just curious – george…

  4. M M M—-you still need to strech your hand, and aim the flash, —— its mean,
    is this for you to keep your glass in your hand ?

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