My, how quickly they grow

Last night I commented on how Rowan is nearly as tall as Gill (there’s about 2 inches, perhaps slightly less, in it).

This morning I got a phone call from Gill. She was going into town with Rowan, and the bus driver refused to let them on without paying full fare, because Rowan doesn’t have a pass proving that she’s under 16. I know she is tall, and was dressed quite stylishly above her age today, but even so – she’s 11, FFS, still in Junior school!

Of course, the bus driver didn’t stop her from getting on because she looked over 16. He stopped her because she looked 13, and 13 year-olds have to have a pass proving that they’re not yet 16. What a crazy bureaucratic world we live in! Of course, this now means that 11 year-olds ought to carry a pass to prove that they’re not yet 13, and so on until before long we’ll have babies carrying documents to prove that they’re not OAPs.