My, how quickly they grow

Last night I commented on how Rowan is nearly as tall as Gill (there’s about 2 inches, perhaps slightly less, in it).

This morning I got a phone call from Gill. She was going into town with Rowan, and the bus driver refused to let them on without paying full fare, because Rowan doesn’t have a pass proving that she’s under 16. I know she is tall, and was dressed quite stylishly above her age today, but even so – she’s 11, FFS, still in Junior school!

Of course, the bus driver didn’t stop her from getting on because she looked over 16. He stopped her because she looked 13, and 13 year-olds have to have a pass proving that they’re not yet 16. What a crazy bureaucratic world we live in! Of course, this now means that 11 year-olds ought to carry a pass to prove that they’re not yet 13, and so on until before long we’ll have babies carrying documents to prove that they’re not OAPs.

4 thoughts on “My, how quickly they grow

  1. From the other side of the equation… Last time my learner drivers licence ran out, I tried to get myself a Proof of Age card which is issued by the Roads and Traffic Authority over here, the same place that provides drivers licences. When I turned up at their office, I found out that Proof of Age cards are only issued to people 25 and under. Bah. So I had to do a test for a learner drivers licence just so that I’ve got something official with my date of birth on it.

    Kind of shocking that I’m almost 28 (can you believe it? I can’t!) and I get carded pretty much everywhere I go. The stupid licence runs out again in September and I’m going to have to sit the test again (I think it’ll be my 5th renewal) because I don’t think I’ll ever get around to actually practicing my driving to get a proper licence.

  2. Basically human intuition and kindness is thown aside on occasions in favour of the system, usually by a person (‘jobsworth’) who is not happy with themself and allows the machine to take over the heart and mind. Usually telling them to fuckoff works, as they are jolted back into their slightly more real (if sad) world.

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