Courier delivery times

Why is it that whenever I’m sent something “AM delivery” it arrives, without fail, between 11.45am and midday (or 12.45 and 1pm for 1pm deliveries). And when it’s an “any time in the day” delivery, if it doesn’t again turn up during the last 15 minutes of the day then it will (more common, in fact) arrive between 3.10 and 3.20pm, when I am usually collecting the girls from school.

Well, no delivery yet today, so this time I’ve arranged for somebody else to collect the girls. Which, of course, means that delivery will be pushed back to the end of the day. Or missed out all together, and I’ll have to wait until Monday. Or mis-delivered, and I’ll have to wait until god-knows-when.
Actually, we did get a delivery first thing this morning (while I was walking the dog – the other favourite time for delivery drivers to arrive – fortunately Gill was still in to receive this one). When I got back, I spotted the parcel and thought “that looks damned small for 28 photobooks”. Opened it up and it was actually my copy of Adobe Lightroom, which I ordered over two weeks ago. I actually wrote to them yesterday to cancel the order, because they were being so bloody slow, but as with all of my customer service queries to Adobe (“…we will reply to your query within 24 hours…”) this one has been completely ignored.

By some other bizarre stroke of fate, I got two identical emails (except that one was sent “high priority”) from Adobe last night, telling my that my order had shipped. On 12th April. Muppets!

Did I mention that Adobe sucks?

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